Find Your Wild… Birth Workshops

Pregnancy and birth workshops are an opportunity to take some time out to really focus on this special time in your life. Working in a small group (maximum 8) these sessions help you to relax and enjoy your pregnancy while increasing your knowledge and confidence in the coming birth. Run over 4 weeks, for 2 hours a week, the workshops are fun, relaxing and informative and you will leave each week filled with knowledge, resources and supportive techniques for your coming birth. Here’s an idea of what we cover:

Week 1
Visioning your ideal birth - Just as athletes know they must be able to see themselves winning in order to make it a possibility, you need to have a clear idea of your ‘perfect’ birth so that you can move towards it.

Oxytocin matters – This hormone is key to a natural birth but can be rather shy, meaning we need to give it a little encouragement. Oxytocin needs quiet, soft, gentle, dark, loving spaces in order for it to work its magic. We will talk about how to create an oxytocin filled environment and look at what you personally need to create your maximum oxytocin factor.

Baby love -We will also spend some precious time connecting with your unborn baby. The more you start to communicate now, the easier it will be when he or she comes into the world.

Week 2
Birth plan - Having captured and nurtured your natural birth vision, we come to the practicalities. Birth is never predictable and so we will look at possible challenges and how to work with them so that the essence of your ideal birth remains even if the form needs to change. This becomes the base of your birth plan – a practical and realistic guide to help your birth team support you towards the birth you want.

Week 3
The rhythm of labour – There is nothing worse than going into a new and challenging situation feeling unprepared and confused, as this can trigger the fight or flight response (not something you want during labour). This session we will look at the stages of labour, ways to recognise what is happening during each phase and tools to help you move with the rhythm.

Week 4
Getting comfortable - Comfort measures like massage, rebozo (scarf massage), breath, positioning, sound and visualization are crucial tools on your birth journey. You will discover which ones work for you while your birth partner will learn how to give them to you. This means that you will both be practiced and confident when labour starts…

The first forty days – The month or so after birth is a very special time but also one when you and your baby need a particular kind of care. We look at how to best support mother and baby at this transitional time, setting your new family up for the best possible start.

Give me a ring or email to find out the next workshop dates. The sessions are £15 per couple (per session) or £50 per couple when all 4 are booked in advance. Refreshments are provided and any dietary requirements catered for.