I am a doula, shamanic practitioner and shepherd hut sharer who loves hanging out in the sun with the goats, pigs, sheep, dogs, chickens, ducks and wildlife. I created Woodspring – Finding Your Wild as a way for folk to connect to their inner wild, so that we can live, birth, love, create and dream from a more instinctive, passionate place.

​​​When not walking my trusty dog/wolf-pack though the fields, collecting eggs, carrying bales of hay or getting the hut ready for guests I can be found scooping up all the relevant wisdom I can find about healing and birth work. This passion runs alongside some wild free days of sun lazing, nature getaways and cups of tea with friends!

There are three threads that make up Woodspring, which have evolved gradually over the years, one supporting the other. These are shepherd hut, shamanic healing and doula birth work. All three are incredibly important to me. They support each other and work beautifully together. Guests and clients can choose to benefit from one of the aspects of Woodspring, or occasionally all three!
The experience of being in nature is powerful enough and the shepherd hut is a beautiful spot to simply stop a while, change the scene and have some well-earned rest whilst watching the goats laze in the sun. Creating this little bolt-hole was a labour of love and the result is a hideaway resourced with creature comforts, primal fire making and tasty breakfasts. It’s easier to find your wild when you are in a hut.

Then came the shamanic practice, which took me on a journey of self-discovery, through an age old process of facing fears and finding the gold and gifts on the other side. This metaphorical gold took many forms, one wonderful piece being the tools to help others to take their own journey through their confusion, doubt and fear to discover their own unique gifts and purpose. The training took me around the UK and to Peru, where I met some of the Inca Shaman and Shamanka who are sharing their teachings.

This healing work increased my capacity to hold a safe space for people and to journey with them through whatever experience they are having. It was around this time that a friend asked me to support her and her husband during the birth of their first child.
This was to become the final piece in my work at Woodspring, my lifelong love of the sacred process of conception, pregnancy, birth and mothering – becoming a doula. I completed nine months of doula training with the wonderful Olivia Seck at Birthing Wisdom in 2015 followed by a course of doula mentoring for a year. I continue to deepen my practice with training courses, collaboration with colleagues and my personal study. This doula loves learning!

Natural birth has at its heart a wild essence, there is a point when you know you cannot go backwards and must go through it to bring your child into the world. This is a much easier journey if you have prepared beforehand and someone ‘has your back’, so you can surrender more fully to it. If you allow your wild, intuitive self to guide you it will be easier for your body to do what it knows how to do. My role as a doula is to help you find that birth power and to protect you from some of the more challenging circumstances that can unfortunately be part of our current birth culture such as clock watching, too early intervention and not enough time listening to and honouring the birthing woman.

The backdrop to this work is Woodspring Farm. A smallholding, nestled amongst fields and a five minute walk from the coast. Nature holds us tenderly here - its wild authenticity reminding us of our own wild nature.

My Training

Over the many years that I have been exploring this path of healing and transformation I have undergone many initiatory and learning experiences that have played a large part in deepening my intuition and skills. Every person I work with also brings opportunities for greater learning and development and I continue to seek out courses and experiences that will support me to support my clients more deeply each time.

My training has been wide and varied, including:
  • Shamanic Energy Healing with Spirit of the Inca - The Way of the Shaman
  • Doula Training with Birthing Wisdom, registered with Doula UK
  • Core Belief Training
  • Rebozo Scarf Massage Training
  • Primal Reflexes Training
  • Munay Ki Energy Healing Rites of Passage
  • Exploring the Shadow Self