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Most of us have heard of the adage ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ and in my work as a doula, women often tell me that they dream of a more supportive community around them, especially once their baby is here. It is a good idea to think about who your ‘village’ will be once your baby is born. This could include friends, family but also trusted professionals. What follows is a growing list of people, articles, and groups that I know personally or have found helpful and can recommend. There are many more of course but I hope this will help you on your journey to finding your village.


Fertility and Conception



Websites, articles, blogs and support groups

Doula UK - For Information about Doula UK, the organisation that registers doulas and provides support to new families (and doulas themselves), click on the link below. You can also find out about the access support fund that enables families on low incomes (who are receiving benefits) to claim financial support to have a doula at their birth. If you would like any help with an application please get in touch.

Dr Sears - A great website for all baby and child related questions. The link takes you to an article about co-sleeping

Rockstar Birth Magazine, Podcasts and Website – We all need to hear positive birth stories and this is a great place to start

AIMS - Association for the Improvement of Midwifery Services – These guys have you’re your back if you want facts to explain why you don’t want that induction / managed third stage and so

Spinning Babies – Great information to have with pelvic girdle pain, positioning of the baby and pregnancy health to improve birth outcomes. I suggest all mums-to-be do the daily exercises you can download from here.

Juno – A good magazine that combines easy reading with some useful information and resources. This link takes you to an article looking into listening to babies as they express their experiences in the womb through their body language and crying and asks the question "Do we give enough time and energy to helping the babies heal from their birth trauma?"