Shamanic Healing

,Finding Your Wild… Self

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Working shamanically is about finding balance. There are many times in life, especially during periods of stress and loss, when we can feel we have lost our inner equilibrium. Sometimes this manifests as physical pains, a racing mind, disturbed sleep, weight gain / weight loss, relationship issues or simply a feeling that things aren't quite right. When we add this to the historical pain, trauma and stress that is in our systems from past experiences it results in blocks and stagnation that impede our capacity to live fully.

The role of the shamanic practitioner is to help you to gently allow these stuck places to start moving again and with this free flowing energy, when you are ready, to help you call in the greatest version of yourself, the parts of yourself that you had shut down to, those brilliant pieces that help you become who you came here to be.

"Working with Victoria has transformed how I see myself. Engaging with shamanic practice may on the surface feel like a gentle, therapeutic experience, but goes much, much deeper. Victoria has helped me shift what is no longer useful in my life, in exchange for gifts I had always longed for, but never thought possible." AL

If you choose to come for a shamanic session or retreat you are invited to go on an inner journey, experiencing reflection, recuperation and illumination in a lovingly held space.
Then you can more easily take the next steps upon your journey. As each of us clears our energy field more, we find our gifts and start to show up more in the world - be more present, more clear-sighted and more able to be of benefit to ourselves and others. In coming for a session we can look together at what is holding you back, what your unfulfilled dreams are, and begin the process of walking towards a life of balance and fulfilment. The session acts as an opportunity to allow change to happen, to re-route your life from the path of difficulty you may have been walking. You then have the possibility to work with the insights and gifts you are given and turn that opportunity into a reality.

"Victoria, thank you for creating such a rich space for healing. I felt so well held and supported by your experience and the depth of understanding you have for the tools that you work with. I felt nurtured by your care and sensitivity. Your ability to be spontaneous and creative brought me to new places and depths. I felt very safe, held and guided. Thank you." KR

Shamanic session - (£50) A session lasting an hour and a half to work on any challenges and issues that are current for you. We work on the energetic level first, looking at where your energy field shows stagnation, blocks and gaps. After clearing and balancing has been completed we will move on to supporting your system to bring in nourishment and vision. You will leave the session with an understanding of where to focus next and how to embody these new gifts into your life.

Overnight Guided Shepherd Hut Retreat - A chance to step away from your usual environment and immerse yourself in the solitude and wisdom of the natural world whilst receiving one to one guidance and training. The retreat starts from 2:00 pm and finishes at 11:00 am the following day. Using the shepherd hut as your base to rest, sleep, eat and integrate, with sessions held in our therapy space in the house, we begin with a stone massage (fully clothed) to help you arrive and let go of stress and tension. After time resting in the hut you then receive a shamanic session. Dinner is provided in the evening and is followed by a chance to learn how to create a sand painting to help you work with issues that come up in your daily life. We complete our time together in the evening with a fire ceremony. The following day, after eating a breakfast that has been brought up to you in the hut, we meet again in the therapy space for some deeply healing and rejuvenating practices that will give you connection and protection to carry home with you. The cost is £200 for 1 person. Dinner, breakfast and all resources included.

Munay Ki Workshops - Blending Love and Power, these workshops allow you to directly access the teachings of the Q'ero shaman of Peru. These are Rites of Passage, a body of knowledge being been handed down now, after being preserved for five centuries, so that we can age differently, heal differently and die differently. After receiving these rites you will have a different relationship with yourself and the earth. The workshops not only gift you the nine rites but also teach you how to gift them to others. The world needs Power balanced with Love at the moment so these teachings are to be shared with whoever feels the call. Get in touch if you are interested in finding out more and read more about it on the workshops page.

"Receiving the Munay Ki has been the most amazing experience, which I am continuing to integrate. It feels as if I have been running away from what I knew mattered to me for so many years, and it's as if the Munay Ki jumped in and cut away the crap so I could see what actually matters" MS

My journey to becoming a healer began, as it often does, by needing to heal myself. After finding out I had cancer at 18 and undergoing conventional treatment, I was spurred on to explore what the rest of the world had to offer. Over the years, I travelled around the UK, Ireland, Europe and parts of India and Africa exploring Buddhist teachings and Divine Love practices, staying in Hindu ashrams and going on solitary and Vipassana retreats in the Sierra Nevada and the UK . One thing I discovered without a doubt is that while I had to follow my own path, I needed wisdom and guidance to help me do that.

In my late thirties, thanks to all of the teachings, initiations and experiences, I started to find what I had been looking for. I moved to Woodspring and began exploring shamanic work - this nature loving philosophy that helps us to come back into balance with the world around us.

I studied the way of the shaman with Spirit of the Inca in the UK and in Peru, where this tradition originates from, and I began to see things shift much more in my life. The old habits that had kept me stuck and small dropped away piece by piece. I found I had more space in my heart and mind to dream my world into being. I also found that others were asking for shamanic sessions and were finding benefit from the practices I was sharing with them. I now practice at Woodspring Farm throughout the year. If you are drawn to experiencing shamanic work, do get in touch.

"The Shamanic sessions I have had with Victoria proved to me beyond doubt that this ancient tradition of healing is very powerful. Her instinctive and intuitive awareness of your individual situation guides you through the session with such love and warmth that you just know you are indeed in a safe and restorative place." RV