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Munay Ki

Come and experience how to be a caretaker for the Earth and dream your world into being with these rites of passage.
Learn how we can change our perception and change our world with these nine rites handed down to the West by the Q'ero, the last of the Inca Shaman from Peru. The rites help us to come back into balance with ourselves and help to remake our relationship with the Earth.

"Thank you so much for these beautiful 4 weeks... I felt at ease, able to freely be myself and learn about who I am. For anyone thinking of embarking on this journey I would strongly advise you to go for it!! I have felt much happier since being given the rites." SC

The history of these rites is so magnificent that it feels like it belongs in a story book. The rites originate from the Q'ero, a tribe of 600 who sought refuge in the mountains for 500 years to escape the Spanish conquistadors. Up high in the Andes the Inca preserved their wisdom and teachings until it was time to share it.

In 1949, an earthquake exposed an ancient Incan Temple of Gold that was underneath a monastery. This was a sign that the Q'ero had been waiting for. It signified that the prophecies of the time to come were now to be shared with the modern world.

For the past five centuries, the Q'ero had preserved their sacred knowledge and finally the signs were fulfilled that the time of great change had arrived - the high mountain lagoons had dried, the condor nearly extinct and the discovery of the Golden Temple had occurred. Many prophecies have come from sacred traditions across the world and all have the same message - they refer to the end of time as we know it, the death of the old way of thinking and being and the start of a new way of relating to nature, earth and its people. First, there are said to be tumultuous changes on the Earth and in our psyche, but in the coming years the Inca expect us to emerge into a golden age of peace.

And so, nearly 80 years ago the Q'ero shaman came down from the mountains in order to fulfil their role in releasing the teachings to the West so that those that have made the greatest impact on Mother Earth will be able to "remake their relationship with her, after remaking themselves" (Don Antonio, a Master Q'ero Shaman)

If you feel that the world is in chaos right now and want to do something, these rites could be your doorway to finding your power to instigate change. Gone are the times when we could bring benefit by simply healing ourselves - active participation is needed to bring about a positive shift on Earth. We cannot create positive change however unless we are also on our own personal healing journey. Both are needed - the inner and the outer journey. The path of the Peaceful Warrior. (To read more about this click on the link and scroll down to the Peaceful Warrior blog)

This course will gift you the nine rites and teach you how to gift them to others. You will leave having shifted your energy field which means everything else can shift too. These rites are new codes for your system to help us see a new way for the world, beyond the chaos and destruction that we are currently manifesting. We are all responsible for our world and the state of it. Are you ready to step up and make more of a difference?

"An amazing, empowering, reassuring and balancing experience. Great to know that there are other people out there looking to make themselves and the world a better place. Thank you Victoria and Andrew for welcoming us into your home and opening this up to us." SW

The nine rites begin with the Healers' Rites. These awakens your ability to heal yourself while also activating your capacity to heal others. During this first rite you will be gifted your Pi stone. This stone will be used to help you receive all of the rites and enable you to gift them to others.

This is the foundation from which you will receive the following seven rites. They build on each other, supporting you to become more balanced and more available to the world because you are more resourced and connected.

On the course we will explore each rite and its meaning, gifts and potential. Over the nine weeks you will learn how to see differently, how to see from the heart, you will learn how to be safe in the world and start to become a Peaceful Warrior. You will learn how to begin to come into balance with all of creation and find right relationship with the Earth and your role in connection with her. You will learn how to walk your path of service and touch into timelessness, connect with the stars and begin to evolve into someone who can envisage and create a world that we would want our children and our children's children to inherit.

"Receiving the Munay Ki has been the most amazing experience, which I am continuing to integrate. It feels as if I have been running away from what I knew mattered to me for so many years, and it's as if the Munay Ki jumped in and cut away the crap so I could see what actually matters" MS


The cost is £200 per course (for all 4 days) and a £100 deposit will secure your place. Spaces are limited to 8. Lunch and refreshments included. The area is beautiful and you may want to bring walking boots to go for a stroll across Sand Point promontory.

I also offer one to one teaching of the Munay Ki. This consists of 1.5 - 2 hour sessions x 5 at £50 per session. You will finish the course with all the rites and be able to gift them to others. Sessions also include some shamanic philosophy and tools to work with on your own healing journey.

Birth Workshops
Pregnancy and birth workshops are an opportunity to take some time out to really focus on this special time in your life. Working in a small group (maximum 8) these sessions help you to relax and enjoy your pregnancy while increasing your knowledge and confidence in the coming birth. Run over 4 weeks, for 2 hours a week, the workshops are fun, relaxing and informative and you will leave each week filled with knowledge, resources and supportive techniques for your coming birth. Here’s an idea of what we cover:

Week 1
Visioning your ideal birth - Just as athletes know they must be able to see themselves winning in order to make it a possibility, you need to have a clear idea of your ‘perfect’ birth so that you can move towards it.

Oxytocin matters – This hormone is key to a natural birth but can be rather shy, meaning we need to give it a little encouragement. Oxytocin needs quiet, soft, gentle, dark, loving spaces in order for it to work its magic. We will talk about how to create an oxytocin filled environment and look at what you personally need to create your maximum oxytocin factor.

Baby love -We will also spend some precious time connecting with your unborn baby. The more you start to communicate now, the easier it will be when he or she comes into the world.

Week 2
Birth plan - Having captured and nurtured your natural birth vision, we come to the practicalities. Birth is never predictable and so we will look at possible challenges and how to work with them so that the essence of your ideal birth remains even if the form needs to change. This becomes the base of your birth plan – a practical and realistic guide to help your birth team support you towards the birth you want.

Week 3
The rhythm of labour – There is nothing worse than going into a new and challenging situation feeling unprepared and confused, as this can trigger the fight or flight response (not something you want during labour). This session we will look at the stages of labour, ways to recognise what is happening during each phase and tools to help you move with the rhythm.

Week 4
Getting comfortable - Comfort measures like massage, rebozo (scarf massage), breath, positioning, sound and visualization are crucial tools on your birth journey. You will discover which ones work for you while your birth partner will learn how to give them to you. This means that you will both be practiced and confident when labour starts…

The first forty days – The month or so after birth is a very special time but also one when you and your baby need a particular kind of care. We look at how to best support mother and baby at this transitional time, setting your new family up for the best possible start.

Give me a ring or email to find out the next workshop dates. The sessions are £15 per couple (per session) or £50 per couple when all 4 are booked in advance. Refreshments are provided and any dietary requirements catered for.